Full Circle by Michelle Payne

michelle payne

FULL CIRCLE / Written by Michelle payne

The Play
Nicole is 21. She can’t decide if she has no mates because she’s crazy or crazy because she has no mates. So she does the only logical thing she can think of and sets up a peer support group in Essex to make friends and start talking. But Amy’s got the hump and Skye’s real name isn’t Skye. How can they go from three to a full circle without advertising to the world that they’re… well, mental

Has anything changed in the script since the first performance with us?
We’ve extended a teeny tiny bit! Added two monologues to develop the other two characters a little!
What have you found as your play has developed?
My cast have dealt with the subject matter so bravely, and have brought more to the characters which has definitely inspired me to write more!
Has your play been anywhere else? is it coming up anywhere else?
Next Full Circle will be at the Tristan Bates as part of the 12 days of Christmas festival.
What is your next project?

Extending Full Circle to a full length play! I’m also currently producing a new writing night at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch called Power which features all female cast and creatives! That will be in April!

CAST and Creatives
Amy: Kate Kelly

Nicole: Elicia Moon Murphy
Skye: Lucy Gape

Writer/Director: Michelle Payne
Movement director: Victoria Louise
With music by Tom Baynton

full circle.jpg


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