Brittle Britain

brittle britian.jpg
Director & Writer – Tom Stocks 

TOM STOCKS works as an actor, writer, director, stage manager, producer and teacher before founding his company, Actor Awareness, which fights for equality, diversity, and working class talent in the arts. A proud northener born and raised in Bolton and Manchester, he trained in musical theatre and performing arts, receiving his degree from the International Film School in Wales.

Having worked on various theatre projects, commercials and feature films, Tom joined Pen Works Media as an agent in the spring of 2018. His passion and commitment to representing talent from all backgrounds makes him a unique person within the industry; one who can be trusted and relied upon.


The Play

Brittle Britain is a series of comedy sketches on politics, Brexit, UBER ambulance and over sensitive hipsters. Lets all laugh at the state of our country. In a world where sketches are a dying breed Tom Stocks offers us a refreshing selection of laugh out loud sketches.


Hue Cox
Stephanie Watkins
Sarah McKenzie
Elliot Blagden
brittle britain

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