New year, New me, I think I already said that over in the headshot section but same rule applies here. Maybe you’re showreel is well old or you have an entirely new look or you just need some material that doesn’t make you cringe. Look no further.

After Showreel Share day it is quite clear Chris Stone is the God of Showreels, in my opinion, professional and slick. So here i’d say save up and shell out, it probably is worth eating beans and toast for the rest of your life, you’re an actor right, general food group coverage goes to the wayside!



Two Idiots And A Camera

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Two Idiots and a camera are a professional film and editing duo offering HD showreels for affordable prices. Having both trained at East 15 on their 3 year BA acting course, Ryan and Sean fully understand what casting directors and agents want from your reel.

Personally tailored scenes, a video chat consultation and the supplement of actors all help to make your showreel experience the best it can possibly be

1 Scene £90

2 Scenes £150

3 Scenes £200

Get in touch and book your showreel session


Twitter: 2IdiotsAndACam


Peter Styliano Freelance Filmmaker



Peter Stylianou is a London based independent film-maker. In 2013  he wrote, shot and edited his first feature film ‘Who Needs Enemies’ which was released theatrically across the UK and distributed on DVD and various other VOD platforms over the world.

As a part of Actor Awareness he is offering showreel scene creations for actors at a 40% discounted rate. That means he writes original scenes, shoots and edit them for a tiny cost. This offer is for actors in all fields and can be specified to suit your needs. So if you’re interested please check out the website or email referencing ACTOR AWARENESS.