Rasmus Flensborg


Recently I met the fantastic Danish actor Rasmus Flensborg, we met at Camelot Film festival and shared a love of all things film. I checked out his web series and I enjoyed it so much I nabbed him for  a interview with you guys. I’m nice like that.

rasmus fairgood

So Cph shorts produces #Fairhood series, How did you get involved in the project ? 
I worked with Michael Buus (Creator and Director off Fairhood, red.) on a short film in 2014 – also produced by the directors collective Cph Shorts. The short film was a really good experience for both of us and after that we both looked for an opportunity to collaborate again. About a year later Michael contacted me with the idea for Fairhood. I answered yes please immediately.
Give us a quick fire description of the web series?
I constantly come up with fake taglines for the webseries just for fun, one of them being: “a show about a two people who pretend to be in love” – but real, quickfire: It’s a comedy about a young couple who gets pregnant without agreeing on it. So far the show follows the guy in the relationship, dealing with this new “unfair” situation… and yes I know I’m not supposed to say “THEY” get pregnant. She does.

How did you get into acting, did you always think about being an actor?
For the longest time I just thought everybody wanted to become an actor and that it was completely normal so I ignored the impulse. It wasn’t until I somewhat randomly came to European Film College at age 20 and found out that some people absolutely do not want to be in front of the camera nor have the flair for it. That’s when I realised that maybe I belonged in specific acting segment of the population, so I explored that. To be or not to be I guess. They had a small acting course at the college so I tried that. Our teacher was a real New York woman, totally representing the whole wide world, hollywood and “big dreams” to me. I clearly remember her saying to the class in a very devoutly maner: “Act Because you can! as so many can not”. I don’t think I believe that today, but that statement and her voice really stuck with me and made me go for it. I owe a lot to her. Thanks Robyn!

What keeps you motivated in this tough industry to keep making and creating?
Justin Bieber I guess. no, sorry what was the question ? Well first of all, if you look at the industry as a numbers game I guess it’s 10 times “easier” to be noticed as an actor in Copenhagen, Denmark than say in London, and add a zero or two more compared to the states. And I do believe it is a lot easier here. But we still like to think the world is tough don’t we –  When I was around 25 I had mentally given up and then time just started to past by. It wasn’t until recently that I had enough motivating experiences from the outside world, to give me energy enough to start picking up selfhelp books – which then started a whole spiral of good habits and experiences. Now I have motivating notes and reminders in a journal I read to myself every morning and several other habits of that kind to stay on top. Sorry, but that was the answer right there: selfhelp books –  It’s all in your head! Back to Bieber! I’m extremely motivated by the cheap and easy distribution channels available now aka youtube, Social media etc. I think that the industry, casting directors and agencies in the future will be looking even more towards whats hot on youtube etc. And I would be an idiot if I didn’t join that game full on.
What advise would you give your younger self when starting out?
Don’t lay in bed thinking about you life… get a job, any job and work while thinking. you’ll feel better when you go to sleep and you’re gonna need the money. Time is running out.

You do allot of film, what attracts you to film? 
God I would love do more theatre… I’m gonna! I guess at the moment it’s the idea that you can share (most) film online with the rest of the world. I know it’s been the standard for a while and that we are all competing on that playing field, but still –  the idea and the possibilities are very exciting I think. Acting is acting to me, no matter the media. I’m happy every day I get to do that.

What are your next projects?
I’m shooting a short film tomorrow otherwise nothing. Why, did you hear about anything ? I’m writing on a roadtrip webseries that I really like to shoot this fall –  and I’m trying to start a monologues video series, but that’s uphill. I’ve also promised myself to move to London in 2017, that’s quite the project. so,yeah, lots of idéas and dreams not much realism. Actors are all talk, aren’t they.

What is in the pipeline for #Fairhood?
We just shot the “Finale” episode for this first batch. We’re not sure whether to call them scenes or episodes. We should have a new word for these online short short films and episodes. Or do we already, I don’t know? I think we would all like to do another “season” of Fairhood, but it’s got to be another story line. It’s either going to take place several years in the future when the child has been born or we’ll do the same 9 months of pregnancy but focus on another story line – whatever that would be. In the meantime this first season is being edited together as a 15-20 min long pitch and our producer is trying to raise some money and partners with this, perhaps for a second season with longer episodes on a bigger scale, wish us luck.

    Rasmus Flensborg Showreel: https: //vimeo.com/52415709


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