Workshops are designed to be different from other workshops. We are geared towards the ‘1 on 1’ style as opposed to the ‘classroom’ style. We feel this takes the pressure off the actors and gives you more of a realistic mock audition. Every teacher has their own way of running their workshop so not all of them will be 1 on 1 but each workshop will be clearly labeled. 

A usual workshop consists of doing a scene either in pairs or with a reader. These scenes will either be sent out to you beforehand or will be a cold reading. We also aim to film as many workshops as possible with footage sent out after the session. We will also offer the option of you paying a fee of £7 (£10 for 2 scenes) to download your scene after each session to use for your own private use. There will always be a Q & A at the start or end of each session.

The workshops we do are in compliance with the CDG guidelines..micksingproductions.com

Customer review:

Micksingpro is a company that offers workshops in front of casting directors, it attracts top CD’s in the industry such as Sarah Leung, Jeremy Zimmerman, Dan hubbard and more. I have been to a few of the workshops myself and I have always met fantastic people and a supportive environment. It is a place as an actor to flex some sight reading muscles with various scripts and to ask questions directly to CD’s. I have had a few friends get castings from the actual days but don’t relie on this as it creates a false expectation. Enjoy the workshop for what it is, an opportunity to have a bash at audition and script read throughs infront industry professionals who’ll give you some honest feedback.

Some CD’s are very detailed and all of them will provide their email so you can continue to follow up in email with your headshots and cv’s. Each CD before the workshop will cast you off your spotlight/ccp into a scene and a few days before you will be sent a script. Based at The New Diroma with a friendly company it is a good place to go if you have some spare cash. A workshop cost around £35, less if you become a member and they also provide intensive workshops days and agent showcases


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