Scratch Nights


So our first scratch next with Spotlight was a resounding success. We had a great turn out and a 5* review.

Safe word by Ribs Norman

Our father by Stephanie Silver

Joan and Olivia by Nicola Amory

Robbing Class by Michelle payne

Our Father from that night has gone on to be developed and is having a rehearsed read 30th September at Slam, Kings Cross at 7pm. Book FREE tickets here:


Terry Eastham, London Theatre 1

‘The writing by Silver was unpredictable, the piece was described as ‘hard-hitting’, this was an understatement, I don’t think anyone in the audience was prepared for how intense the piece got’

‘My favourite – because I disliked it so much – was our Father which was not only the stand out show of the evening but served as a perfect reminder of the true power of theatre to move people. Being in a small performing space with real live human beings just there in front of you can have more of an effect on the emotions than millions of pounds spent on some glitzy west end show’ theatre/

Lily Driver, The London Reviewer

‘When someone says that something was not easy to watch, it is often a bit of an exaggeration. However in the case of ‘Our Father’ it was not just difficult to watch, there were times I had to look away from the story unfolding before me’

The Staffroom was another scratch night piece developed from 15 minutes to 40 minutes by playwright Michelle Payne. It was performed at N16 in August with great reviews.


Birth of a Nation was another scratch piece developed and performed at Theatre N16 under IndigoChildarts and received great feedback! htttps://


We are very proud here at Actor Awareness of all the plays that have come from just an idea to a full play in limited time. It is also with pride we continue at Spotlight and continue to champion new writing from people of all backgrounds. Birth of the Nation reviews below.

Join us at the next scratch night Monday 19th

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Orange Juice by Karim Khan

On The Beach by Chris Sivewright

Tea with Good Intentions by Instinct Theatre

Bleached Out by Jasmine Stewart


Our Mental Health Scratch Night is now open.

Mental health within the arts community has shocked me, the first that came to mind is actors to afraid of telling directors and producers they suffer from a form of mental illness in fear they wouldn’t get a part has shocked me. This shouldn’t be a hindrance, we need to get this issue spoken about, shown in a positive light and give people confidence to speak up about it in the industry. We are looking for 4 shows, 15 mins long, maximum 3 actors per show plus the writer/ director, so 4 members for each group maximum all under the theme of mental health, send all submissions to with a short synopsis and the deadline is October 2nd. Good luck guys!

Theatre for The New Year

The Rolling Stone @ Orange Tree Theatre

rolling stone

January 14th – Feb 20th

Now if you are looking for something that will have you by the guts look no further

Written by Chris Urch, The Rolling Stone is about Dembe and Sam who have been seeing each other for a while, they should be wondering where this is going and when to introduce each other to their parents. But this is Uganda and they are gay.the consequences of their relationship being discovered wiil be explosive, especially for Dembe whose brother goes into the pulpit every week to condemn the evils of one man sleeping with another.

This play won the Bruntwood prize for playwriting 2013

Ticker Prices £10-£25

Swan Bake presented by Second Sons Theatre company

swan bake

6th-7th May 2016 @ 7.30pm, Saturday Matinee 1.30pm.

Now if you are looking for some fun theatre that takes your imagination by the horns, why not check out what is bound to be a top show, if the blurb doesn’t get you excited maybe you should check for a pulse!

Written and directed by ‘Soho young theatre writer Samson Hawkins and début production of Second Sons theatre. It is a bold original comedy that splices stand up, puppetry, shouty sons and dancey bits to tell a unique story.The story follows Bell after being fired from the Royal Ballet for being addicted to the fictional drug nonce. She tries to drag herself from the gutter which proves hard when you are hallucinating unicorns, at she has the help of her nun girlfriend Maria who doesn’t fit in at the convent.When a hot shot young preacher turns up who hosts ‘Christ time’ and asks for a favour, the girls lives are thrown into chaos.

Book tickets for this hilarious show

Tickets £5-£10

Forget Me Not @ Bush Theatre

forget me not

Runs until Januray 16th

So if you want a good heart warming, tear jerking story this new year, look no further than Forget me not at The Bush theatre.

Written by  Tom Holloway and directed by Steven Atkinson. The story tells us of the Gerry in Australia who hopes to meet his mother for the first time, despite being sixty he has spent his whole life thinking he is a orphan.

In Liverpool Mary brews a strong hot cup of tea, nothing posh but she is as nervous as a pig at a Butchers.

Determined to uncover his past, Gerry and his daughter Sally embark on a extraordinary journey home- halfway across the world- in a precarious bid to bring their family together.

Tickets £15-£20

Also check out Pink Mist coming up through Bush Theatre. Sets to be another must see theatre show.

The Mother @ Tricycle Theatre


Jan 21st to March 5th

Fom critical acclaim with The Father (Mollere Best play 2014) Award winning playwright Florian Zeller now brings The Mother.

Gina Mcgee leads a cast in a play that will leave you questioning the very nature of reality. Anna the mother in the play longs for the days of when her sons were younger, has her favoured son returned ? and what about her  husbands suspicious actions.

I’m sure this will be a great production so book your tickets now

Bit pricey this play at £16-£30, but the cast and the playwright are great so if you can splash out it will be worth it! Maybe give up alcohol for a few weeks then I’m sure your be able to grab a ticket for this!