Theatre4Thought presents ‘New Artist Night’ 1st October 7pm


32 Cubitt Street, Kings Cross, WC1X 0LR


Some Riot Theatre presents ‘Glitter Punch’ A new play Written by Lucy Burke & Directed by Peter Taylor

Beerey @beerey_play. Welcome to the Beerey household: Dad’s locked up, Daughter’s knocked up, Mum’s fed up… what next? Beerey is the true story of one family’s fight for justice, and to stand strong together. Honest, raw, funny and heartbreaking. It makes you wonder, how far would you go to prove your family aren’t secret international cocaine smugglers? It’s all got to be a mistake, right?

Tanya Perry & Richard Staplehurst present Poetry of the Damned. Spoken word Artists collobrating and directed by Theatre4Thought

Gillian Capewell with Love Me Tinder 

Theatre4Thought present 2 short plays based in a dystopian future ‘Baby’ & ‘Generation Rent’ 

Joshua Essam. Singer/Songwriter


@theatre4thought  ‘Theatre That Matters’
AD: Stephanie Silver & Emelia Marshall Lovsey




Theatre4thought are a new collaboration from actors Stephanie Silver (me, I write this letter, cheeky plug) & Emelia Marshall Lovsey.

The Play

It tells the story of two nurses working for the NHS: Emily, an optimistic newly qualified nurse and Sally an exhausted nurse in charge, both at polar opposites in their careers. The story follows Sally and Emily’s memories of nursing up until one fateful day that changes both their lives forever. Set in the present day, at a time when the NHS is short staffed, forced to make cuts and constantly under scrutiny. Where nurses are penalised, criticised and told by the government that they’re not doing enough after another long day. When you’re getting paid £11 an hour to do someone’s last offices, when you’re telling a mum their baby’s passed away or when you’re the newly qualified nurse on her first day, with little support and no time for error- how is anybody supposed to cope?

The Show’s EDFRINGE2016 Poster is below with all the details

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If you are not going to Edinburgh catch it August 3-4th, 7pm, at TheatreN16, Balham, London.