Actor Awareness Week

                        n16 actor

After the success of our Scratch nights we have teamed up with the fantastic Theatre N16 to help our writers, actors, directors develop their work. Each Play had approximately 2 months to get their 15 minute play in a form of a 40 minute piece. Quite a mean feet but they rose to the challenge and we have for you some fab shows!

This is a great example of what we here at Actor Awareness are trying to do and if you read the monthly newsletter, follow us on Twitter and Facebook we often call out for castings. So get involved and it could be you next time!


Actor Awareness & Theatre N16 present…

The Staffroom by Michelle Payne

the staffroom

Monday 22nd August 2016, 9pm. Tickets £10.

Performed at our health scratch ardent @actorawanreness supporter Michelle Payne brings her fabulous writing to full life.

They’re teaching our children but are they teaching the right things? Three young teachers navigate their way through adulthood and educating.

Follow us @STAFFROOMplay

Directed by: Alula White
Alison – Hilary Murnane
Hugo – Craig Webb
Ria – Faye Derham


Birth of a Nation by David House

birth of a naion poster

Friday 26th august 2016, 9pm, Tickets £10

The initial piece was performed at our Sold out health scratch night, it was laugh out loud funny ! So the longer version is bound to be worth a visit.

Dave House’s satirical look at the failings of a Tory government riddled with NHS pains, Boris Johnson and Brexit.

 love and all that crap

Oliver performed at our LGBT scratch and his show has gone strength to strenght getting 5 stars for his recent run at Lost Theatre.

“And they all lived Happily Ever After”… Bullsh*t!

Love And All That Cr@p is a light-hearted ‘coming of age’ story about finding love in our modern day society. Follow a young man as he makes his discovery in awkward, amusing and arousing ways such as discovering your sexuality through porn; the naivety of your ‘first time’, a blind date gone terribly wrong and the all too true horrors of a one night stand as well as other stories and experience a cabaret of song, poetry and hilarity in this embarrassingly true story about love and all its unsaid difficulties.

OCD Theatre (Original, Contemporary, Dynamic) emerged from East 15 Acting School’s Contemporary Theatre course and has continued to produce intriguing new work which were praised for their daring and eye-opening subjects

Written & performed by Oliver Retter. With special thanks to Adam Weeks and Lottie Finklaire for their dramaturgical support.

Love And All That Cr@p contains strong language and a ridiculous amount of glitter.

★★★★ “Excellent piece of writing and performing”
Terry Eastham, London Theatre 1

★★★★ “Portrays love in a fun and relatable way”
Korien Brown, Cockpit Theatre

Book Now!actors-awareness-shows/j0ce2


Actor Awareness Events


The Actor Awareness Launch went off with a bang. After 2 years in the coming it was finally a proud night for Tom to be able to officially launch his campaign. I am a proud part of the campaign and the launch just showed the talent was off the chart. We had amazing poetry , comedy, singers and plays that showed a diverse range of talent. We unfortunately didn’t have a photographer to show pictures, so next time just make sure you’re there!!!

Hosted by Helen Scott


● The cast of Tolkien- A New Musical
● Scooter by Paula Connolly
● Joe Bo- working class poetry
● The Monologues of a Tired Nurse by Stephanie Silver
● Johanna O’Brien – Singer
● Alice Marshall- Comedian

● Love And All That Crap by Oliver Retter
● Birth of a Nation by David House
● Ionica Adriana – Singer
● Netflix and Chill with Bae by Tom Stocks
● MDs Comedy Revue by UCL Hospital Medical Students

class night

The Class night was @GuildfordFringe on June 30th.

The Plays that have been chosen were staged:

Auf Achse (On the road) 
By Joe Staton & Patrick Renton

By Michelle Payne

Fresh With Promise 
By Felicity Huxley-Miners

By Jayne Woodhouse


Our Health night was a raging success and each show from the night has been giving a evening slot in August to produce a 40-60 minute show of their original scratch piece!!!! So remember to keep following and grab your tickets when you can. Being part of our scratch nights is about progressing and improving and a big thanks to Jamie Eastlake for given everyone this opportunity. The shows in include

The Endo Me by Ed Keates

In The Dollhouse by Spark Assembly 

The Staffroom by Michelle Payne

The Mds Comedy Revue Sketch Show 

The Birth of a Nation by David House

We also having amazing news regarding two big projects!! So please please follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Or your miss out @actorawareness

Love and All That Crap


Love and All That Cr@p

written & performed by OLIVER RETTER
10 & 11 July 2016
Sun/Mon only

Oliver Retter presents his originally funny and moving story of coming out. He has performed his piece at our LGBT Scratch Night and Actor awareness Launch to massive praise for his cute, quirky, funny and original story including flowers, glitter and allot of tongue in cheek.

“And they all lived Happily Ever After”… Bullsh*t!

Love And All That Cr@p is a light-hearted ‘coming of age’ story about finding love in our modern day society. Follow a young man as he makes his discovery in awkward, amusing and arousing ways such as discovering your sexuality through porn; the naivety of your ‘first time’, a blind date gone terribly wrong and the all too true horrors of a one night stand as well as other stories and experience a cabaret of song, poetry and hilarity in this embarrassingly true story about love and all its unsaid difficulties.

OCD Theatre (Original, Contemporary, Dynamic) emerged from East 15 Acting School’s Contemporary Theatre course and has continued to produce intriguing new work which were praised for their daring and eye-opening subjects

With special thanks to Adam Weeks and Lottie Finklaire for their dramaturgical support.

Love And All That Cr@p contains strong language and a ridiculous amount of glitter.

★★★★ “Excellent piece of writing and performing
Terry Eastham, London Theatre 1

★★★★ Portrays love in a fun and relatable way”
Korien Brown, Cockpit Theatre

Box Office opens at 7.00pm for cash sales and collection of pre-booked tickets. The performance lasts 1 hour without interval. Over 18s only.

love and all that cr@p

Moors Bar Theatre

Moors Bar theatre is a thriving theatre pub in Crouch End. The Artistic Director Andy James and Creative Director Seth Jones are a welcoming team of people to work with. They also hire out their theatre at a low cost for people wishing to perform their show, check out their website for details.

Currently Moors Bar are producing their new play ‘Hit Routine’ hit routine

Dates: 18th,19th,20th July
Doors: 19:00 Start: 19:45
Online £9 Door: £12

Hit Routine

A series of stories, including love, crime and sometimes comical, begin to combine with characters slowly being dragged into the crime underworld.

Whether it be through greed or desperation, slowly the characters stories combine in this story of betrayal, adventure and desperation.


Robert Nicholas as Bill
Natalie Donaldson as as Viv
Eliza Hewitt-Jones as Elisa
Stephanie Silver as The Gardener
Written and Directed By Seth Jones


Tel: 020 8348 4161. MOORS BAR, 57 PARK ROAD, LONDON N8 8SY

Escape from The Planet of The Day that Time Forgot


Gavin Robertson, Katherine Hurst and Simon Nader previously collaborated on the critically acclaimed drama “The Other Side” which wowed audiences at The Edinburgh Festival 2009 and again on a UK wide tour in 2010. Now  Gavin Robertson and Scene Productions are co-producing “Escape From the Planet of the Day That Time Forgot” and the performance has been entirely devised by the company.


There’s a Professor with a rocket in the cellar, his physics-savvy female
ward who screams quite often, and his eager but impoverished lab assistant and together they find themselves on a distant planet before escaping to. where exactly!?
Think a hotch-potch of silliness drawing from ‘The 39 Steps’ and
‘Quatermass’ via ‘Journey to the Centre of The Earth’, and ‘The Land that
Time Forgot’… time travel, dinosaurs and whole pile of pluck along with
an invisible dog and several sets of ‘jolly hockey sticks’.
These award-winning performers combine fast storytelling with bold imagery
and jokes a-plenty as they transport you from stately English home to the
steaming jungle and back again in a frantic, outrageous adventure!

The show is playing at The Assembly in Edinburgh so go and book your tickets now!!

                                                                            Simon Nader    simon


An accomplished actor, director and teacher Simon is not only bringing lots of laughter with his role in the above, but he is also directing ‘The Monologues of a Tired Nurse’ showing at The Space, Uk , Edinburgh 22-27th August 8.05pm.

 The play is a look at the lives of 2 NHS nurses in the current climate. It documents their stories through memories of experiences till one day that changes both their lives forever. It is showing the stress, the pressure and the humanity that runs deep in the healthcare profession.

‘He has brought a wonderful energy to our play, with brilliant theatrical storytelling ideas, with truth and beauty that make the piece current, engaging and something more than I ever envisioned when writing’    Writer/Actor – Stephanie Silver



Cosme & Scott Casting

jay cosme

What draws you to the profession of working in the arts?

I have been a part of the Industry since I was 7 years old, starting out as a child actor on stage. I think for me it’s the fact that no day is the same… Whether that is a new Script coming in, or a last minute casting request from a Director! There really is no way to predict how the week will go and for me that beats any 9-5 office job!

 How did you become a casting director?
 I started out Casting my own short films using mostly friends to fill the parts before (by chance I should add) I attended a networking event and met with a representative of a large company and after much persuading on my part, I landed my first commercial casting job! Thankfully the rise of Social Media has given actors, writers and people like myself a platform to connect with Indie (and established) directors, producers and other professionals. Thanks to Social Media, networking nights, screenings and other such events, I have connected with some really talented story tellers and creatives.
 Lots of actors are members of Spotlight but often don’t feel they get allot from the service in regards to having access to the same auditions as others, as a casting director do you feel their is a heirachy when companies/producers send out information regarding jobs?
I think that as a Casting Director you have to put your faith in the Agents, we have to trust that an Agent is fully aware of their Client’s skills and abilities and that the Agent has put their own reputation on the line by representing said client! Many Actors unfortunately do not understand contracts, buyouts, agreements etc and as a Casting Director you really do not have the time to explain these things. That’s not to say I don’t consider un-represented Actors but ultimately from a professional point of view, an Actor with an Agent tells me that this Agent has faith in the Client and that I am auditioning a professional. Unfortunately many actors without an Agent are at risk of not always being taken seriously which is a shame but something that I do understand.
 When someone sends you their details, what tips would you give?

The advice is to send me a nice headshot (or 2) and a CV, plus details of any shows/performances you are taking part in… I always try my best to attend but if I can’t then I do send along my Assistant.

As a casting director what do you look for when an actor comes into a room?

Personally, my favourite people are the ones who (despite the rubbish train journey or traffic) come in with a smile on their face, cheerful, have learned their lines and are ready! I can’t stand it when an Actor says ‘I haven’t learned the lines as I only got the Script yesterday’. If you was on a soap, you would be learning 10x more dialogue in 24 hours on a daily basis. Not acceptable.

 What advise do you give for actors headshots?
For years the Industry standard has been black&white but it appears that colour ‘American’ style shots are becoming the norm. Personally I like to see colour and black&white! I also like to see a neutral expression with minimal make up, maybe 1 or 2 with a smile.

Do you think in the industry people look at actors who train at drama school and university differently?

I think some do… However for me, I don’t think an Actors ability is necessarily determined by Drama School, some of the best actors had no formal training. Drama school is great to learn and practice but ultimately, if you fit my brief then I am going to call you in… With or without drama school training.

 You are an official supporter of Actor awareness, what do you feel as an casting director that you can do to improve the current playing field in the industry?
 We believe that Actors should be treated fairly like all other freelance workers and should receive fair pay! To often we see casting calls for actors that offer no pay, no expenses and more, unfortunately the more eager actors out there will go for these parts and see it as training or experience… Whilst I appreciate their passion, it’s still wrong.
As Casting Directors we do not cast for no pay jobs or expenses only as we do not agree with the idea of working 10-12 hour days with no pay.

 How do you feel working class actors are represented? What do you think needs to change?

I think it’s a very sad situation… Coming from a working class background myself, I know only to well how expensive Drama school is and the stigma that seems to be attached to working class actors! Some of the best talent lays hidden amongst working class actors. I believe and we are doing everything we can to change this through our own street castings in deprived areas of London and other places.

I urge Agents to open their eyes and look further afield to these sorts of places, your next big star could be sitting there undiscovered!

Theatre on The Cheap


Theatre N16 have Loads of plays that will be worth a trip.

Monday 18th April – Thursday 5th May (No Fir or Sat) £8-£14

Theatre N16 produce the premiere of Martin McNamara’s play.


IRA bomb London Pubs. Paul Hill arrested. Miscarriage of justice. 

His story.

Thanks to London Metropolitan University  ‘Archive of the Irish in Britain’, from the Irish Studies Centre.

Directed by Jamie Eastlake

Don’t Miss THIS!!!!

‘Danny and The Deep Blue Sea’ 3rd April – 14th April @7.15pm, £12/£10

From the writer of the Tony award and Pulitzer Prize winning play Doubt. A fierce dance of the displaced, Theatrum Veritatus brings an explosive, deeply affecting study of alienation and the redemptive power of love.  Two castaways fight their way to each other and cling violently in a sea of hardship for a chance at the happiness afforded to most but denied to them.

Hampstead Theatre

‘Reasons to be Happy’ 17th March – 23rd April, £10-£35

written by Neil Labute, Directed by Michael Attenborough

reasons to be happy

Three years after a difficult breakup, Steph and Greg are wondering if they can start over again. The trouble is, she’s now married to someone else and he’s started a relationship with Carly – her best friend. Meanwhile, Carly’s ex-husband, Kent, wants her back, even more so when he hears about her new romance with Greg – his best friend.

With emotions running high, all four soon find themselves entangled in a web of hidden agendas, half-truths and confusion as they desperately search for that most elusive goal in life: happiness.

Grab a £10 ticket and watch Neil Labute’s tribute to ‘Reasons to be Pretty” Collaborating with the reknowned Attenborough again, it’ll be worth the trip.

The Bush

right now bush

“Right Now’ 30th March-16th April, £15-£30, Saturday Matinees (2,9,16th) £15

As Alice and Ben settle into their beautiful new flat they realise that the family across the hall hope to be more than just good neighbours. 

Soon, Juliette, Gilles, and their son François are wearing out the welcome mat; suggesting drinks, hors d’oeuvres and dancing. Things begin to heat up as innocent invitations lead to passionate encounters and unsettling revelations.

Written by award-winning Quebecois playwright Catherine-Anne Toupin, Right Now is a play with a dark heart, a disquieting exploration of one woman’s crisis and darkest desires. It walks a delicate line between playful laughter and deep trauma, teasing and thrilling audiences from beginning to end.

Directed by Michael Boyd, former Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester


‘Nothing’  14-17th April, £10/£6

When teenager Pierre Anthon cheerfully announces that nothing in life has meaning, his friends decide to prove him wrong. Fearful he might in fact be right, their desperate actions spiral out of control and lead to terrifying consequences.

Following the sell-out success of BRINK, the Royal Exchange Theatre Young Company returns in collaboration with director Bryony Shanahan and writer Amanda Dalton. Powerful and unsettling, this brand new adaptation of Janne Teller’s novel is a UK stage premiere.

Written in 2000 and translated in 2010, NOTHING caused widespread controversy in its native Denmark, receiving great critical acclaim, winning numerous awards, and simultaneously being banned in many schools and libraries.

BOOK TICKETS: Box Office 0161 833 9833


Last but not least, I thought I’d tell you about a play that I have written and will be producing with my partner in crime Emelia Marshall Lovsey. We formed our theatre company at the beginning of the year and our first play will be shown at Theatre N16 in Balham for 2 nights (3,4th August) as Edinburgh previews. We then take the play to Edinburgh 21-27th to be performed at The Space UK, Surgeons hall.

Theatre4thought’s aim is to produce thought provoking provocative theatre, we aim to not shy away from the things that people feel they shouldn’t say and look to examine people and relationships at a raw human level. When you leave we hope you leave thinking.

‘The Monologues of a Tired Nurse’ is a play based around 2 nurses at polar opposites in their careers. It links the nurses stories together around an event that changes their lives forever. A true honest look at the NHS from the inside out showing, how cuts run deep.

Please support our new theatre and come see our play!

Tickets available here :!Monologues of a Tired Nurse/zoom/cpax/dataItem-imnnjs60

Interview with Flannan Hasset In ‘If I Go’


What attracts you to projects as an actor?

I think at an early stage of an actor’s journey it’s important to be completely open. This isn’t advised just because work is extremely hard to come by. I still feel it’s the best way to truly learn who you are as an actor. How you best work with other performers, what makes a quality show but also what it takes to maintain your sanity. You see, the hardest part of acting, is that you allow unearned proximity to the deepest parts of your soul and hidden emotions. Weather it’s a short run in a small theatre, a tour, or even a film, an actor is repeatedly beaten down emotionally and this can be very taxing on your mental stability. On any project you will normally get a small room. You’ll be changing with multiple people you’ve just met and you’ll bare witness to all types of underwear and that’s just the stage crew. What I mean to say is. You need to find a role that suits your character but with a company of people that will protect you. You must divorce yourself from going too deep and hurting your own personal growth. No one wants to deal with an emotional breakdown opening night. No matter how much a director will tell you its raw talent.

When looking at roles I always think about my favorite Constantin Stanislavski quote “Remember: there are no small parts, only small actors”. Whenever reading a script, making a character choice, even writing my own work. I think about this quote and it grounds me to make choices based on my progression and growth as an actor. There are so many companies out there that have a vision and allow little room for actors to actually play. For me the ability to play is how all truly great performances start out. You can refine and perfect later on in the rehearsal process but at the beginning the character should be open to the actors interpretation. If most young actors take this mentality into all roles not only would they be a joy to work with but would be open to finding new skills in each role. This applies weather you’re a principle actor in the west end or playing Cornelius from Hamlet in a pub on train strike day.

Tell us a bit about the play?

“If I Go” tells the story of a modern struggle between Love, Life and work. The play centers around Matt and Becky (played by the wonderful Catrin Keeler) who have lived together forever. In a parallel universe they’re probably married, except Matt’s going out with Danny (played by Daniel Kewn). Then of course there’s Will (Paris Bailey), who’s been in love with Becky for the longest time, if only she’d be nice to him long enough to notice.  The play follows Matt along a journey that sees him try and make the biggest decision of his life, and in turn, change things for all involved forever? This play also has its comic relief through an array of amazing one liners, hilarious characterizations and comic timing you could set your watch too. This provided by Camilla and Charlie Matts PA (Harriet Lambert / Ian Casey). The new recruit Amira (Roshni O’Riordan) and the boss from hell, or at least Texas, Jerri Anne (Christine Walters).

The amazing company behind this project is Proforça Creative. The play is written by James Lewis and directed by the amazing David Brady. To sum up this play quoting David himself – “this play has more a feel of Love Actually than a deep dark Ibsen”

Tickets for this new production are on general sale –

What is your character? How do you connect?

I play the character of Matt – a 29 year old, project manager for a consultancy firm. He has a boyfriend called Danny, a best friend called Becky, an enemy called Jerri Anne and in one version of the script a mother called “to be confirmed” but she was Irish. Now the only way you could get any closer to my actual life is by changing Matt’s name to Flannan Hassett. That said it is always important to use as many techniques as possible to help connect. Of course with any role I will always pick key events in the play that I can use emotional memory to connect. This gives a wonderful grounding for the character and helps place inflections in the script. This is key for the audience when believing what’s happening on stage. However we cant use this technique of raw emotion throughout the whole play. As I outlined at the beginning this would wear you down and make you a nightmare to work with. Following my training I’ve always enjoyed the technique of LABAN. I find using physical efforts help channel emotion through your delivery to make it as true as the raw emotions themself. I also like to use Alexander technique merged with character imagery before any rehearsal. This helps puts me in the characters head space for the play. I feel this technique helps me walk the scene and play around with the picture. It’s like a form of meditation to remove Flannan’s influence on the character. That may be a bit wacky but I assure you that the results will out weight any laughter from your supporting cast members.

As an actor in today’s industry, what struggles do you face?

I think the biggest struggle comes from the changing face of its landscape. Acting was once only considered by the working class as a form of paying the bills if you had a flare for it. There wasn’t a need for training or qualifications it was all based on talent and experience. I feel its now gone the other way and only in the last 5 or so years. There is a wonderful article by Jimmy McGovern in The Guardian. He wrote that due to rising costs in drama schools there is a lack of working class actors in the industry. With the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Tim Huddleston paving the way out of Cambridge theatre associations. There is no longer room for the working class. Acting is now actually seen as a genuine career path not riddled with rejection and pain but paved with gold. That said I grew up with Dimitri Leonidas (star of Monument Men) and he has gone from strength to strength with his career coming straight out of secondary school. He has spent years working his way up through the industry and it’s truly paid off. This from an actor who has learned from doing and not by paying for drama school. That said he still remains the exception rather than the rule to my knowledge.

Reality TV is also playing its part to stub out true talent breaking through. Audiences are now favoring the comfort of escapism TV; that feeling of life not being as bad as what they see on screen. You will see the Geordie shores and the Towies of the world taking up space on the TV schedule and plastered all over west end billboards helping put bums on seats. This is the industry not risking a penny on finding true talent but maintaining a flow of mindless embarrassment and flash in the pan fame. That said there is some success to be said for reality TV through an old friend Stephanie Fearon. She was discovered via the TV show “Over The Rainbow” and now plays Lisa in the west end production of Mamma Mia.

I suppose the hardest thing in this industry, as you can probably tell, is that there isn’t just one way to do it. There is luck, there is timing, there is talent, its not what you know but who you know e.g. the Radcliffe story. My only advice to the struggle actor is only do this job if you love it. For me I cherish the lows as much as the high because it reminds me why I love this game so much.

What advise do you give other actors?

The best advice I’ve ever got regarding my acting career was from my elder brother John. I was in a low place regarding my acting career and couldn’t decide if I should go to drama school, give up on acting or just see what happened with my agent.

My brother took me to one side and said “if you truly love what you do, you’ll always find a way to make it work. Even if a man love’s cleaning the street he will work to his core to one day start up his own street cleaning company. He will ensure he makes enough money to do the thing he loves most in the world. If you don’t love acting enough to sacrifice it all to make it work; you know what you have to do”.

You see for me acting isn’t about the qualifications or the big audience. For me it’s reading a script for the first time and putting my stamp on the character. Every actor wants their work seen and to be recognized. There are however the rare few actors in this world that even performing in front of the mirror, nailing that last line, with enough emotion that draws a single tear. That’s what keeps them thinking one day their dream will become a hard earned reality.

Actor awareness is about diversity and opportunity, how do you feels the industry stands at current in regards to this?

As outlined above I think the scales have definitely tipped in favor of the rich and powerful. If the media is to be believed there is a clear lack of attention being given to black actors at present on the silver screen. This is causing much debate around the industry awards this year. I unfortunately don’t know enough to comment on how the current apparatus is supporting diversity but I am definitely pro change for a farer industry. I do believe there has to be a strong emphasis on the writers and producers as they hold all the power. If there is to be true change made it needs to come from them. There definitely isn’t a lack of talent in the industry to support such a movement.

Why do you feel theatre, film, tv is important?

If stone wall painting were first form of story telling, tv and film will one day tell our story to future generations. I’ve always favored theatre as a form of entertainment but I do feel now it is treated as a luxury and a special treat. TV and film is so much more accessible. Especially with the Internet making downloadable data so easily obtained. That said I’m very much ante theatre shows being displayed in cinemas. This takes away from the performance and the spent months training regarding projection and inflection from the actor. Even there positioning of their body to address the whole theatre would be effected. I feel the little things, only considered by actors, would be lost if contained to a cinema screen and sound system. TV and film will always remain a medium vital to our social development. The devices it’s streamed on may change but the core values will never waver. I hope for the opposite with theatre. I do believe that even in thousands of years people will still make that exciting trip into town to see the latest adaptation of Hamlet or even the much loved panto staring Barber Windsor. Oh yes she is definitely still alive and kicking. “oh no she isn’t”

How do you feel about often doing free work as an actor?

As long as the project develops my skills and betters me as a performer I am happy to do it. I subscribe to the thinking its more important to be out working in the industry in every way possible than sitting at home cursing the world that my talent has gone unseen another day.

Back to the fun stuff, how has it been working for profoca. Is it a relationship that has worked?

100%. My initial thoughts when David contacted me was slightly skeptical. There are so many theatre companies out there getting the whole process very wrong. Proforca are a wonderful group of theatre lovers that want to create work of a high quality for a low ticket price. As mentioned at the beginning an actor must be given the freedom to play and discover moments within a scene and traits within a character. David and the stage crew all allow the actors space to put their spin on the characters while maintaining a focus in each rehearsal that makes it all flow nicely.

I’d hope if anyone has read this far they would still interested in the play. I shall do a shameless plug and say that its out 4th -7th May 2016 – Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Walthamstow –

Thank you so much Hannan and SEE you there!



Tis the season to be Jolly, So it is time to get out and see some theatre. Be inspired, go see something that will make you laugh or cry. Here I have included some shows that be can seen on the cheap this coming Xmas season.


Cinderella-  21 November 2015 – 03 January 2016.

Christmas equals PANTO, and at the lyric they have a treat so grab your glittery Converse and put the pumpkin into top gear, as Cinderella heads to the biggest party of the season to meet a very charming Prince. The show will be full of colourful characters, live music, lots of laughs and, of course, two very ugly sisters. TO BOOK-


Hampstead theatre

Pine- Thursday 10th December- Saturday 16th January.

Gabby has a first class honours degree and an MA but somehow is stuck – for the third year running – counting Norwegian Spruce. Betty wishes she was ice skating with her mates at Somerset House rather than ‘gaining work experience’. Joe is nursing a broken hand, and heart, by lugging trees. Taj can’t decide whether he’s in love with Gabby or Betty. And they’re all being driven out of their minds by Michael Bublé’s Feliz Navidad on repeat. Jacqui Honess-Martin’s delightful festive comedy explores the value of learning on the job, the rose-tinted expectations of recent graduates, and the inability to see the wood for the trees.

Tickets £5-£12.

Monologue Slam The Winners Edition

Monologue Slam is a exciting platform for actors and performers from all backgrounds, they undertake a gruelling series of auditions, including a youth round for 11-16 year olds, before 20 of them are chosen to perform in front of an audience and attempt to impress a panel of professionals.  The final MonologueSlam of 2015 is the special Winner’s Edition, with winners from all over the UK battling it out to be the MonologueSlam UK 2015 Champion! The event is December 14th Theatre Royal Stratford East, 7.30pm, £12.50. So be there or be square. It will be a fantastic night full of fantastic talent, maybe your get inspired to audition!

Book tickets:

Other shows to go see

Southwark Playhouse- ‘Your last breath’ try book the preview days as then it’s £12,  4-30 December. A normal love story, spanning 160 years.Your Last Breath unravels the incredible true story of an extreme skier who was suspended between life and death in the mountains of Norway.

Kings Head theatre- Fucking Men 5th Dec- 9th Jan

The play is a moving portrayal of hunger and desire as it follows the erotic encounters of 10 men in their interconnected search for sexual satisfaction. Each scene in the play is a frank, candid and sometimes brutally honest depiction of the lustful transaction between two men. It is a loose adaptation of the 19th century play La Ronde in which pairings of characters are featured in scenes preceding and succeeding sexual encounters. It’s a structure that lends itself to strong characterizations and oodles of dramatic irony. Book:

Gate Theatre- Medea. Running until 5th December. £10 a ticket, which is a bargain, So go book at