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So I had my new headshots done with Greg Veit and I can’t tell you how great he was at such a reasonable cost! So I’ll show you my new pics. What is important to remember is to get images that accurately represent you and Greg managed this in a friendly relaxed environment.  Finally think I have some headshots that show me as truthfully as possible.

Book your session now http://www.gregveit.com

smiley headshotHeadshot red top


ap wilding

AP Wilding Photography

“Try before you Buy” Mini Sessions

July 9th 12th 19th 23rd 29th

No payment up front.

Studio Location: Hackney, London

 Assistance with styling/hair/make up. Relaxed, fun session – great for ‘headshot phobics’! Contact AP Wilding for info/times or to be added to her waiting list for future availability/promos.


Max Edwards – http://www.maxedphotos.co.uk

max edwards photo


Head shots or Portfolio Session:

2 Hours : £99 instead of £150

Outside session.Contact sheet within 24 hours

All Photos in 72 dpi (approx 150). 5 Retouched Images of your choice

You will receive retouched images in black and white and colour, Costume/Top changes if needed in a relaxed Environment.

20% off for students 21 & Under/Extra retouches £10


 van offer

I am very happy to bring you a discount for the fabulous photographer Vanessa Valentine. Her normal rate is £320! But she is giving our readers a discount at £270 if you quote ‘Actor Awareness’

A headshot is the first thing that lands on a CD’s or Agents desk, so it is important to invest some money and Vanessa Valentine gives the headshot that could book you an audition.


Gavin  Thorn – execheadshots.co.uk/actor-headshot-photography-surrey/


A 2-hour session with 5 hi-res digital images are just £150. If you share with a friend it works out as £75 each and they’ll add an extra image to make it 3 images each!!


Headshot Photgraphers


Greg Veit-  www.gregveit.com/keyword/greg%20goodale

Tel. 07768 173 503


214_Greg Goodale-L




max d photo




Check this opportunity below!!!


(£30 to cover your expenses which to my shock is also minimum wage, but please don’t take that personally, this is an art project funded by my “up and coming” photographer’s income).

Hackney area of London over multiple weekends (Sat/Sun) and a small chance of being able to do something on a weekday.

Literally anybody considered, any size/gender/age (you don’t need to look like a model) including kid/baby/parent combos or kids/babies on their own (kids/babies should be accompanied of course, and we’d have to talk about it really carefully for safety reasons..).

You don’t need to be an actor or model, so long as you’re happy to muck around for the camera and be naked or naked from the waist up without reservations. I’m looking for variety so the more applicants the better.

Shoots last 4 hours (I know that sounds ages but somehow that’s how long it seems to take to get one cracking shot sometimes), and I’ll choose one photo from the shoot, which you can of course use for your own purposes. You’ll then get one or two or maybe three extras from the shoot if the one I choose for you isn’t useful for your folio. 

Styling is basically zero as I’m looking for something kind of ”honest” – none or extremely minimal makeup (just to take off shine), and hair really basic and unfussy. Time slots are to be 10-2pm or 230-630pm.


Please email mail@joshredman.co.uk. Please include:

1) pictures of yourself as attachments, preferably to include some ”normal” shots as well as pro so that I can visualise how you look without makeup/hair styling and get an idea of your overall build, plus and a showreel if you have one.

2) Your availability during the next bunch of weekends.

3) Please confirm that you’re happy to be fully naked or naked from the waist up without artful coverings etc.

More examples of the series here:


John Byrne


You are a performer, agent, coach and writer, that is a lot of hats, what do you love doing the most?

I think for anybody working in the arts, having to juggle a number of jobs has always been an issue-although, due to both technology the current economy it has now become something people in all walks of life have to do. For me the common factor in all the things I do is using my communication skills to help people to break through the barriers that might be holding their own artistic development back, whether that’s a kid in one of my shows who thinks he can’t draw, or an actor at one of my workshops who thinks they can’t plan their business.

When you were growing up what influenced you towards the arts?
I was always keen on books, comics, stage and screen, but I think the book which really ‘flipped the switch’ for was a book I read when I was about 13 on the making of the original Star Trek TV series. It had interviews with actors, writers, set designers…all very commonplace in books these days but a revelation back then….and I suddenly realised that a) real people made these productions and b) I could be one of those people. I’ve been involved in many and various radio, TV and stage productions since then but I sometimes still feel like that 13 year old who is in wonderment that he is now behind the scenes like the people I used to read about.

What excites you about theatre?
Even with all the advantages of new technology, there are still a lot of practical hoops to jump through to get work on screen, whereas not only is there something very collaborative and ‘instant’ about theatre-even when it has been in rehearsals for weeks!-but it has the magic that it is different every time you do it.

What do you feel is a real and current issue within the industry right now? You have been supporting Actor awareness, firstly thank you and secondly what do you feel about Actor Awareness as a campaign?

For me, inclusivity is the biggest issue in the industry right now… but to be honest I think it has always been an issue, it is just that the internet and new media has given it a voice. As Lucille Ball (who most people remember as a comedian but who was also the first woman to ever head up a major American production company) said ‘Ability without Opportunity doesn’t amount to much.’ I don’t think it is an ‘anti-posh’ or ‘anti-men’ or ‘anti-white’ issue I can think of many ‘posh white male’ actors who are deservedly successful because they are undeniably talented, who work hard and who give back, and fair play to them-the problem is more that the initial opportunities to get going in the industry aren’t as easily available to some as to others, and I think this is the area where we all need to work towards a positive expansion. For me one of the most encouraging developments of the Actors Awareness campaign are initiatives like the scratch nights, so that as well as raising the issue of opportunity, the campaign is actively creating opportunity.

When you coach actors what’s your top tip?
Every actor is different but one of the really important steps for all of us is to work out what in our careers is inside our control and what is outside and making the commitment to work consistently on the stuff we have control over, while forming positive alliances and relationships to help get some leverage on the rest.

What do you feel about drama schools, the inequality (in some peoples opinion) in uni trained and drama school trained students? Drama school fees? Drama school showcases? The fact more and more drama school want to drop out of the accredited system, meaning finance will be available to less?
I always say that while training of any sort never guarantees success in this business, and there have always been successful ‘self taught’ actors, it’s a hard enough business at the best of times that proper training is big advantage-so not having access to training is by implication a disadvantage. Talent is obviously an accident of birth, which actors don’t have control over, as indeed is the social and financial situation they are born into. Hard work is something they do have control over, and in the movies that should be enough in itself to achieve their goals, but in real life , we still need to work towards a more level playing field to enable every actor to have an equal chance of benefitting from their hard work in both the training and career situations.

Thank you John for you time, here John has given us lots of words of wisdom and food for thought.

Headshots by Greg Veit

March Headshot Offer

Top 10 tips for getting your headshots

  1. Before booking a session, learn about what headshots should look like. Look at the headshots on the websites of some major theatrical agents, examine the expressions on the actors’ faces but also the style of the photos.  
  2. If you’re a novice, consider booking two shorter sessions with cheaper photographers rather than one expensive one. You could benefit from getting some experience in front of the camera. 
  3. For your headshot session, make the effort to look like you would for an audition. Look like yourself – don’t risk last-minute experiments with your appearance. 
  4. Take time to prepare your clothes for the shoot (usually just tops as most headshots don’t go far below the collarbone). Your things should be neat and presentable. Most photographers will recommend things to wear, but typically headshots are done in black, white and one strong colour. Avoid busy patterns and designs that will draw attention away from your face in the headshot. 
  5. Think about what you need from your headshots – do you want to reflect your casting type or do you want a general headshot? Make sure to discuss these thoughts with your photographer.
  6. A good survival kit for headshot sessions might include: bottled water, a hairbrush or comb, powder to reduce reflections on your skin (avoid powder with a metallic shine) and basic lip moisturiser without gloss. 
  7. Outdoor sessions are very popular, but consider if the winter weather won’t end up distracting your from the session. 
  8. Headshot sessions can mean posing for photos at the rate of at least 100 an hour so you will need to stay focused. A good night’s sleep will not only help your concentration, it will help your skin and eyes to look better. Strong coffee might make you impatient and jittery. 
  9. Pre-plan your travel so you arrive for your session relaxed and unflustered. You will relax quicker into the session and get more photos that work. 
  10. Don’t be disheartened by initial results during your session. There’s nothing natural about looking down a lens and having a flash or reflector shine in your face. 

By Greg Goodale, www.gregveit.com


So it’s nearly the end of the year, it is time for that New Year, New Me stuff, time for reinvention or maybe just a snazzy new headshot. Here I have two great headshot photographers, maybe a new headshot can snag you that much needed attention for that much needed next job.

Greg Veit Photography

214_Greg Goodale-L

Greg has worked as a professional photographer since 2009 and has done headshots for five years. He has also worked as a stage photographer and his clients include Italia Conti, the National Theatre and the York Shakespeare Festival. He is  based in Wimbledon.

January offer
1 hour headshot session,
1 retouched headshot,
Up to 4 outfits.
A choice of looks available.

Only £50 (normally £90)
Additional retouched photos £12 (normally £25).

Wimbledon, London
07768 173 503

Twitter: @Veit_Photo

A P Wilding Photography

NEXT PROMO DATES: JAN Fri 8th Wed 13th Thurs 14th Sat 16th Fri 22nd

Studio Location: Hackney Wick, London E9 5LW, No payment up front. Only pay once you’ve seen and love the shots!

£150 includes 2 images extra images from £25. 

Retouching/Hi Res/B+W versions included

Shoot length: 30-40 mins.

Assistance with styling/hair/make up

Relaxed, fun session with ex-actor turned photographer Alexa. Even nervous people come out on a high!

Contact: apwildingphotography@gmail.com

Website: http://www.apwildingphotography.com/performers-headshots

Headshots and Photography

This week I am bringing you a photographer that I met whilst in the Apple store pursuing MacBooks, the mecca of all writers dreams, caressing computers and feeling euphoric at the thought of retina displays. After talking he let slip he was a photographer and Ta Da here is his fabulous offer for our readers. Take full advantage! He can offer a arrange of different styles from standard headshots to styled shoots.




1 hour photo session

1or 2 backgrounds
Studio or Location
5 images retouched (further images are charged at £14.99 per image)
20+ unedited images
Make up artist available for an extra (£20)
Images will be made available to you via a dropbox link for download (Please note that all images have to be retouched before they are available to download)
All of the above for £95 Available till 15 Jan 2016 (Normally £199)
To book a session please email hello@mekxphotography.com with ref – AA2016
ALSO CHECK OUT  https://headshots.pedro-antunes.com for discounted offers till end of the month


Actors need a wide range of tools and essentials in order to get started and be a working actor. One of the most important things an actor needs is a good headshot, it is what casting directors, agents and employers see first, it is their first impression of you. It needs to be professional, truthful and something that demonstrates you as a person.

Sounds easy right? Wrong. I have had mine done several times over and each time people tell me it doesn’t look like me or I don’t look my age. It is an expensive, yet completely fundamental, task to keep searching and hoping that the next photographer will capture the real you without it being a waste of time.

Therefore, this section will be a monthly aid to point you in the right direction of a professional headshot photographer but at a reasonable price.

If you have an agent, get them to recommend what type of shots they think you should have done. It’s recommended that your headshot be either in colour (unedited) or black and white, as they are the most neutral and natural settings that won’t drastically change how you look; which some filters do. Most agents/photographers would also recommend that you show up with lots of different clothing options so that the photographer can give you different variations.

Alishia Love
Alishia Love Headshots

Alicia Love is a competent and professional headshot photographer offering our readers a discount. £125  for:

– 7 retouched images (5 of your choice + 2 of mine)

– Unlimited changes/looks

– Colour & B&W versions of each retouched shot received.

Quote ‘actor awareness’ when booking. 1st November-1st December

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell is a London based photographer with years of experience and a fantastic website ( I have added the link below for you to check out his credentials).

His standard package is £100, and it gives you great quality images for a price that won’t break the bank. Headshots are usually up in the £250 price bracket, and I think Jason’s service for a 1.5hr shoot and 6 final retouched images is brilliant; and the final product is that of someone who charges more than double. He is super friendly and makes you feel super relaxed on set… he’s also a little bit cheeky.