Ed Eales-White

ed eales
Growing up did you always want to perform?
Yes.  Although it wasn’t overt, I didn’t perform in the school plays or have any drama classes. I used to perform impressions for family and friends, and generally act as a source of light entetainment. I also loved the glory moments of sport. In football I was always searching for that moment I dribbled past everyman on the pitch and scored. So egotistical and ambitious from an early age.
How did acting come about?
I guess as I grew up, it became increasingly inevitable. Drama was the subject that captured my imagination at school and I followed that onwards into A-Levels. I then studied Drama at University, without actually contemplating Drama school. It most definitely took a little while post university to consider myself a fully fledged Actor. I did a short acting class at New York Film Academy, various short courses in London, a bunch of low budget short and feature films, fringe productions and eventually I started to gain confidence in what being an actor meant. Although that hasn’t stopped and I’m not sure it will! I’m continually learning on the job, from rejection, from success and trying to challenge myself.
You also write, when did you decide to start writing your own stuff? 
University. Myself and three others (Ed, Rich & Joe) decided to write and perform our own fortnightly comedy sketch show. It was a great outlet to try things out as a performer and writer. From there I went on to create, write & perform in sketch group Clever Peter (with Will, Rich & Dom) it took us to the Edinburgh Fringe on multiple occasions, critical acclaim and a BBC Radio 4 series (2012).
What do you enjoy about the writing process?
My writing has tended to be on my feet or rather that’s my preferred writing style, as I love the collaboration with other people and find it easier to express ideas by showing rather than writing it out. To date I have not found great enjoyment and enlightenment in sitting down and writing alone, but I’m not discounting the future, who knows.
You have Sketch show ‘Bucket’ Can you tell our readers about your sketch show. When did you start and how did the idea come about? When did you start working with Jon?
Yes. Bucket is a double act sketch comedy show, myself and Jon play stage versions of ourselves intertwined with sketches. We did our debut fringe show at Edinburgh 2015 and have recently finished a run of our show at the Soho Theatre. I’ve worked with Jon on and off since 2009, but this was are first full collaboration together. It’s best described as a very performance led sketch show, both in how it was made and the sketches themselves which tend to be things we have an interest or experience in performing.
What attracts you to the medium of theatre?
I love the immediacy of theatre. It’s live. There is no escaping what is about to happen, it’s very exciting. I also love the depth of characters that plays explore. Getting the opportunity to play Josh in a brilliant piece of new writing by Jon Brittain called ‘Rotterdam’ was great. I hope to be involved in more theatre in the future.
Actor Awareness is about creating a diverse culture in the arts, how do you feel about the talk of ‘not enough working class actors’. 
Well there’s not enough. It’s fundamentally about opportunity. People just want fairness, to feel like they have the same chance as the next person. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. I’m not sure some people even register acting as a possibility or understand how they would go about getting into it.  So it can only be a good thing that people are talking and hopefully it will lead to an increase in opportunity, education of those opportunities and support for those that need it.
You have been to the fringe with your show, what advise to you give to newbies venturing to the fringe this year?
Take risks. Listen to your own voice. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get big crowds, if you believe in what you’re doing then keep pushing and perhaps you will meet someone that lights up a new path.
What piece of advise do you give to any performer? or your younger self even?
Well everyone I’ve worked with is different, so don’t have blanket advice.  To my younger self I would say ‘No one knows what you want unless you tell them. If you’ve got something to show, show it.’

Shoot From The Hip


Ever been interested in improv, want to see unplanned hilarious action up on stage. Every Monday and Tuesday Shoot From The Hip improvisation team provide shows (FREE ENTRY) that are imaginative witty and inspiring.

Mondays- The Camden Head in Islington, 8-10pm

Tuesdays- The top secret comedy club, Drury lane 8-10pm

You can also catch them at MonolougeSlam bi-monthly at Theatre Royal Stratford East.

They have been described as: ”brillantly funny comedy” Spotlight & ”well worth a shot (pun inteded)” Timeout

Improvisation as an actor is exciting as it creates new ideas and thoughts that aren’t planned, you are always reacting to the other person and having to be present in the scene. For any artist improv is very exciting and can help you nurture your imagination and become more confident.

Shoot From The Hip do 8 week workshops and they start this January, they are reasonably priced.

I have had the pleasure of seeing them and I was in stitches, some of the best improv around!


Email: shootfromthehipcomedy@gmail.com

Call: 07805680323




People always say how London is expensive and that the theatre is costly. Both are true, but if you are not seeing west end musicals or Nicole Kidman on stage there is plenty to watch at pocket friendly prices. Each month we aim to highlight shows and theatre productions that you can go to for less than the price of a cocktail in a swanky London bar!

Cuckoo Bang

Cuckoo Bang is a dynamic theatre company that produces provocative, insightful plays. The company look for emerging artists to platform work. They hold monthly meetings ‘Deli Meets’ @ Theatre Delicatessen , next meeting is November 16th, book your place at the meeting via


IN MY HEAD is their current production and it is a bold, loud, funny, angry, touching and honest portrayal of mental health in the modern world. It is a part verbatim, part fictional exploration of those who struggle, those who help and those who fail to notice.

Cast includes:
Holly Mallett, Paul Huntley-Thomas, Elin Doyle, Dan Burman and Louise Trigg

Written and directed by Chris Mayo
Produced by Cuckoo Bang
Age guidance 14+
Running time 75 mins approx
Dates 9th – 14th November
Time 8pm

The Company are offering our readers 50% off ticket price. GO to http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/in-my-head-tickets-17636111083?ref=ebtn to book tickets and code is CUCKOO50

Theatre N16

Theatre N16 is a creative hub based in Balham. This wonderful theatre is an advocate of new writing and promoting arts of all backgrounds. They are not only offering 241 on their next theatre show, but they are also offering rehearsal space free off charge to our readers.

Book: http://www.theatren16.co.uk/ with Code: ACTORAWARENESS

Theatre 503

Theatre 503 is a fantastic venue. They have a new play running, ‘Rotterdam’, from 27th October-21st November 7.45pm and Sundays @ 5pm. Costs range from £12-£15 and on Sundays you ‘pay what you can” so you can end up paying as little as  £3. The play is set in New Year in Rotterdam. Alice has finally plucked up the courage to email her parents and tell them she’s gay, But before she can hit send, her girlfriend reveals that he has always identified as a man and now wants to start living as one.

The play is a bitter-sweet comedy about gender, sexuality and being a long way from home. Jon Britain is a playwright, comedy writer and director. He co-created Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, was one of the Theatre 503 Five, has written on shows for Cartoon Network and directed both of John Kearns’ Fosters Award winning comedy shows.


The Pleasance

To get your Shakespeare fix, ‘The Pleasance”, a fringe theatre in Islington is housing performances of:

The Winters Tale – 25th November-3rd December @ 2pm and 7pm

Macbeth- 26th November to 3rd December @ 2pm and 7.30pm

At £6-£10 that is cheap as chips (almost as good as The Globe)!


Canal Cafe

Canal Cafe in Little Venice is a fantastic venue for a cheap but thoroughly entertaining night. ‘NewsRevue’ is a renowned sketch show, which will leave you smiling and not out-of-pocket.

‘NewsRevue’ is a  live comedy show that runs at the Canal Café Theatre every Thursday – Saturday at 9.30pm and Sundays at 9pm. A fast-moving mix of sketches and songs, ‘NewsRevue’ propels you through the news and current events at breakneck pace – all-kicking, idol-burning comedy, updated every week by a crack team of writers.

Book tickets : http://www.canalcafetheatre.com (Quote Actor Awareness for discount)

Canal cafe is also the venue for our first scratch night so a big thank you to Adam Morley

Also worth a mention is that Royal Court Theatre has opened it’s season for 2016 and the amazing playwright Anna Jordan’s ‘Yen’ (Bruntwood award-winning) will be there. After a celebrated run in Manchester ‘Yen’, directed by Ned Bennett, transfers to the Jerwood Theatre (Upstairs) from Friday 22nd January – Saturday 13th February 2016. A Royal Court Theatre and Royal Exchange Theatre Production.