Owls by Jayne Woodhouse


Monday 23rd July: 7pm ‘Owls’ : 

Written by Jayne Woodhouse / Directed by Calum Robshaw


STEVE David House

ANNA Kate Austen

PAVEL / DARREN Neil Gardner


One night on the roof of a multi-storey car park, two strangers collide: Anna, who is about to jump, and Steve, the hapless security guard who finds her. As they begin the search for some connection, Steve discovers that if he wants to save Anna’s life, he must first save his own. ‘Owls’ uses humour to create a bold and unflinching view of attempted suicide and mental illness. It builds the hope that, eventually, everyone can fly.

How have you found being part of the Actor Awareness festival has been beneficial to you?

Being part of the festival is first and foremost a quality mark: it means my play has been recognised as being good enough to sit alongside those by other excellent writers. It feels like a great achievement to have started from a scratch night and now be showcasing a 60 minute production. Coming under the Actor Awareness banner also means you’re helped and supported by a wider community. Many of the issues involved in producing your own play are taken care of, thanks to Steffie’s brilliant organisation, where you can be confident that everything has been thoroughly planned and thought through.

What have you done to prep for the festival?

We feel really up and running for the festival, as the show has been in rehearsal for some time and had a 2-night preview in my home town of Salisbury in May. Response from the audience was amazing so this has given us a lot of confidence in the play and the production.

Your biggest challenge?

Every writer’s greatest fear – what to do next. As they say, you’re only ever as good as your last piece of work, so there is the constant challenge of finding the next big idea. Also the more I write for the stage, the more I realise there is to learn, so I’m always trying to push forward and be more ambitious in the goals I set myself.

Your hope for the play in the future ?

My immediate hopes are to get good reviews, especially ones which draw attention to the great performances of the actors, so their hard work is recognised. Then I’d like to see the play taken up by other venues, as we have a fantastic team who really believe in the piece and would like to see it go further.

As there has been a surge in new writing nights how do you think Actor Awareness is different to other new writing nights?

Actor Awareness nights are among the best established, in that they are put on regularly, about a wide range of topics in prestigious venues. Because the company is so experienced the organisation is excellent and the productions highly professional. There are great opportunities to network with other like-minded people and grow your work. Finally Actor Awareness set industry standards by paying everyone involved. This is such an important aspect, as so many new writing nights expect you to work for free.

TICKET LINK ONLINE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/actor-awareness-new-writing-festival-tickets-46395174215




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