Walk of Shame

Friday 21st July,  7.30pm

Meet Alice, she’s loud,  she’s proud, she loves sex and vodka.

Meet Liam a city boy with a past; hungry for the London life.

Two people’s world collide in a night that changes their lives forever. For Liam it is a night of glory, for Alice it’s a Walk of Shame ….

How has Actor Awareness helped you?

Emelia:  After not getting into a BA drama course after my foundation I felt a bit like what shall I do.  Actor Awareness has kept me focused on my career and now I have positives goals to look forward to. I’m creating work and actively steering my own career. I’ve acted, directed and wrote for Actor Awareness scratch nights. I really apprieciate their support in my work.

Steph: I have many positives to reel off but I feel I have mentioned them all before. I’m very grateful to be working with Emelia on Walk of Shame .

What do you hope to get from the festival?

Positive responses for Walk of Shame and hopefully it will give us an idea of how to shape it for the final rewrite for production later this year and early 2018

In three words tell us your writing style?

Emelia: Stephanie and I have co-wrote this so it’s two styles merged. The piece itself is brave, lyrical and honest.

In one sentence tell us your play?

Hard hitting, courageous look at different perceptions, judgments and the ugly truth of judging a book by it’s cover.

About the writer’s

Emelia Marshall Lovsey is a FCA Rose Bruford grad and she has worked with Stephanie on her play ‘The Monologues of a Tired Nurse’ Edinburgh 2016 and has directed many of Glass Half Full Theatre productions. She recently directly their 2nd production ‘C’est La Vie’ which is also showing at the Actor Awareness festival.

Stephanie Silver met Emelia at an audition at Lamda back in 2014. Their working relationship and friendship has grown and they have the same ethos and drive to make thought provoking gritty theatre.


Stephanie Silver as Alice                  OFFIE nominated Calum Speed as Liam


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