Theatre Must See’s

Barons Court Theatre

Feb 20-26th, 7.30pm, 25th Matinee at 2.30pm

The Monologues of a Tired Nurse

Written by a nurse this plays looks at what it means to FEEL like a nurse, working on the front line everyday, putting on a brave face.

Sally and Emily two nurses at opposites in their career. They soon find out they have more in common then they ever realised. Both using nursing as their way to make good in the world, what happens when one day they  realise that they’re not strong, enough, fast enough, good enough to keep on going, keep on working, some days they’re just so damn tired. The NHS is at a all time crisis with nurses under extra pressure. This play looks at the heart of the frontline workers and what it means to be them.


Kings Head Theatre

Call: 0207 226 8561

Glitter Punch written by Lucy Burke

Directed by Peter Taylor

 8-25th February at 9.30pm

After a critically acclaimed, sell out Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Some Riot Theatre return to London with their brand new play Glitter Punch. 16 year old Molly is seeking an escape from a difficult upbringing plagued by an over worked mother and alcoholic stepfather. When she collides with the mysterious John, the two embark on a journey of forbidden love, pushing the boundaries of conventional romance and forcing us to question how far we would really go for the one we love.


Tea and Good Intentions by Instinct Theatre

Written by Felicity Huxley Miners

Check this play out under the Without Decor scheme. Performances 11th & 24th Feb



Lonsome SchoolBoy Productions


He(ART) written by Andrew maddox


With some 4 stars already rolling in, go and see this story of classes. I saw this one already and the performances by  Flora Dawson and Shane Noone elevated the play. The topics covered were great like affording NHS medical bills and the dynamic of relations between Alex Reynolds and Jack Gogarty’s characters, could of done with exploring more to really get to the core of the relationship. On a whole it was a very touching story with layered themes and from a talented writer. A defo see for the Fringe circuit !

Book via N16 website here:

Hedda Gabler is on at the National which is worth a see if you can grab a ticket. My new years resolution is to go to more of the theatres I don’t like The Bush and The Arcola which always seem to programme a diverse selection of plays.




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