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Lily Driver                                    Felicity Huxley Miners

Instinct are a young theatre company run by strong independent women, what’s not to like!

You have been working on a new play ‘tea and good Intentions’ How did this play come about?
Tea and Good Intentions was actually created because of an Actor Awareness Scratch Night! I saw the call out for the evening happening as part of the Guildford Fringe for submissions on class and wanted to tell a story about someone who transcends class. It was created as a short 15 minute piece but we got some great feedback and the refugee crisis in Syria was on the news every day with more and more destruction happening that it got turned into a full length play.

Tea and Good Intentions is about a Syrian migrant who has been rehoused in England and the middle aged woman who has opened her home to him for all the wrong reasons. Hilarity and heartbreak ensues as this unlikely pair start to mean far more to each other than they intended. In this new world of far right politics and mass hysteria all played out through the media and online Tea is a story of humanity, of two people who desperately need each other and of the coming together of communities. It is a very British look at a crisis which affects us all but at the heart of it it’s a comedy.

What is the plans at current for ‘tea and Good intentions’?

We have been selected to be a part of The King’s Head Theatre’s Without Décor season, which is a development scheme for new writing. We have two matinee slots; Saturday 11th February and Friday 24th February where we stage the show in full with minimal set. We are casting at the moment and will start rehearsals throughout January. We’re so excited to be performing the play in full and will be looking to transfer for a full length run later in the year.

You held a new writing night last year, do you plan to do more in 2017?
Yes, we’re in talks at the moment to set up a regular new writing night. We held a night at The Hen and Chickens Theatre which was originally intended as a one off but after having some wonderful reviews and getting to work with such a big, diverse team we want to keep hosting them! We found it was such a good way to meet other creatives and see what other work is out there, as well as for writers, directors and actors to come together and develop their skills. We’ll put details up on our website and have a big open call out again for actors, directors and writers.

You have been working alongside Adam Morley for a upcoming project in 2017, tell our readers a bit more?
We are collaborating with Adam to create a bizarre, musical, thrilling adaptation of the Greek comedy Lysistrata. Again, this has political overtones; with more of our world leaders than ever are women and the topic of female empowerment is becoming ever more prevalent.

Lysistrata gathers the women of Greece and convinces them to swear an oath that they will withhold sex from their husbands until both sides sign a treaty of peace. Even though it was written over 2,000 years ago, Lysistrata perfectly captures the futility of war, gender inequality and echoes modern day politics with terrifying accuracy.
It has been very important to us and Adam to cast blind throughout the process. Ethnicity is simply not relevant in the play and so we’re really looking forward to working with hard-working, talented people regardless of background or race. We will be staging this in the autumn of 2017 for an initial short London run.

Going into 2017 what do you and everyone at Instinct want to achieve?
We have so many plans! We would love to set up the New Writing Night as a regular event. We have got Tea and Good Intentions to stage for the initial showcase at The King’s Head and then hope to take it elsewhere as well as working on Lysistrata we will be busy enough! We want to keep growing and developing as a company and work with as many inspiring, exciting, talented people as possible as we gain so much with each new person we work with.

We’ll keep updating our website with what we’re up to and would love to hear from some Actor Awareness supporters! We regularly attend the new writing nights and have cast several people from them so please come and say hello and keep up to date via our website:  and Twitter: @InstinctTheatre


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