Theatre on The Cheap


Christmas by Simon Stephens

Directed by Jamie Eastlake and Sarah Chapleo

Sunday 11th -22nd December / Sunday Matinee 18th, 4pm

9pm/Tickets £15/£10

The reality is that Christmas is a depressing time for many. With the aftermath of Brexit and Ukip and Farage and the clear manipulation of the white working class for political gain, Theatre N16 are delighted to produce Simon Stephens Yuletide treat. One night in an East end pub, four men confront their past and brace themselves for an uncertain future

The Snow Queen

Directed by Scott Ellis and Tatty Hennessy.

Sun 11th – Thurs 22nd December 19:30 pm/Tickets £15/£10 

Greta’s brother, Kay, has been acting strange. He’s mean and moody and won’t play games. The Snow Queen must have snatched him, and left an imposter in his place. With her new friend, the wise-cracking, fame-hungry talking Crow to guide her, Greta must set out across the snow to search for her brother in the Snow Queen’s palace and bring him home in time for Christmas. Funny, magic and full of surprises, this new modern adaptation of The Snow Queen is a perfect family Christmas adventure. 


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