Red Chord Theatre Company

Red Chord Theatre Company


If you’re involved in the acting industry, be it as a new writer, or other artist or even a begrudgingly supportive parent, then you will understand the harsh reality of how competitive and hard work it can feel. There are currently 65 000 registered actors which is honestly quite daunting and baffling – why would anyone put themselves through such long hours, sometimes for little to no pay? Red Chord Theatre Company wants to remind the world of why we became performing artists in the first place: because we bloody enjoy it. It recognises that being in the arts doesn’t mean that you have to see everyone else as a threat, but as a way to build each other up. Resident to Clapham Library, it is their goal to build a community feel where theatre, music and poetry are celebrated and emerging artists are welcomed and actively encouraged.

Red Chord Theatre Company is run by six actors, musicians and poets, all who create and perform their own work in places such as the Fringe Festivals, The Roundhouse, Shaftesbury Theatre, Southbank Centre, Gerry’s Soho, BBC 1Xtra, SLAM Kings X, Hot Vox, Theatre N16 and a rehearsed reading at The National Theatre. Whilst they continue to put themselves through the sweat, blood and tears that is creating their own writing, they, with Clapham Library, wish to hold the space as a platform for other emerging artists with no upfront cost. As the company is run by artists in the same position, they have grasped the needs of their fellow performers and are able to produce work that will inspire an audience to create and enjoy theatre.

Their first event is an Acoustic and Poetry evening on 26th November, where upcoming musicians and poets get to share their own work amongst friends and family with pizza and beer, a combination that literally brings music to our ears. Sat on cushions, surrounded by lights and indulging in goodies, this evening will be the perfect way to relax into the weekend as the audience unwind to the beautiful lyrics of artists such as Lostboy and SugarJ Poet.

Their plans for future events include ‘A Play in A Week’, an improvisation night and ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @redchordtheatre for more information and exclusive content.


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