Harrison Fletcher, Filmmaker



Harrison when did you want to start making a film?

Well, since I was 7 years old I’ve always had a passion for creating content, even if it was on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. I’ve made a few short films over the years, one in 2014 and two in 2015 and then one this year. I consider this film to be my best to date. How did you come up for your idea for your current short? It’s a crazy and funny story really, I get most of my ideas for films by dreaming really weird dreams, this so happens to be the case for ‘Logan Hunter’ I dreamt originally that it would be set with a western theme and aliens were trying to attack him, not candidates, so this is where I got the idea from. I recommended just sleep and see what your brain does while it’s having a mad one.

As a brand new filmmaker what did you find challenging on your first short?

Almost everything. Let’s be realistic and honest, I’m not an expert I’m not a professional, obviously. It’s literally me with a camera and microphone and a few of my mates as crew helping me carrying my equipment, one of the challenges I faced was filming in the stately home. I imagined this from the very beginning and just needed it to be perfect so I set out searching and this ended up being one of the most difficult tasks, I rang around spoke to about 4 different places in just one day asking if they would let me film. Then one day I had a lightbulb moment and realised I could film at Cliffe Castle where they were fully supportive and it was exactly what I intended on filming.

What are you taking from making this short, to the next film, so you become better at the process?

The main point of improvement for me and what I shall take on to another production will be to get together a team of people who are interested in different areas of the production. Hopefully I’d like to form a sort of production team, because at the moment I am Directing, lighting, sound, editing and script writing, so it’s a hell of a lot for one person to do and I have to admit I’m not exactly brilliant at lighting and sound so it can reflect in my films.

How do you feel indie filmmaker stand in the industry at the moment?

Indie film makers stand quite high (if I’m honest) from my perspective, maybe they don’t have a fancy car, big houses and loads of money, but they are people doing something they love and are passionate about, as for the industry most big production companies like Netflix and HBO even ITV higher freelance film makers and camera operators if they like what they see, so I think indie film making is an exciting ride, not knowing what’s around the corner, and being able to step into the unknown. To most people that is scary, but there’s a big element of excitement and I look forward to that.

Filmmaking is collaborative, what do you feel is important for a small team to have to make a good film?

The key to having a successful and happy crew is being able to have a laugh and joke around whilst at the same time getting the job done as professionally and relaxed as possible. Another important attribute to have is communication skills, they need to be of a high standard making sure that things are done correctly and done correctly first time, this saves hours, time and money – a lot of money.

What are your next plans?

My plans as of now are to just carry on writing short films and see when one comes along that I am able to do between studying at university and working part time. I’m helping out on other productions to see how the logistics of their production team works, this way I’ll be picking up experience too. It’d be great to create some more contacts which will enable me to venture out further and get knowledge and advice off people around me interested in film making.

Many Thanks to Harrison and wish him all the best of luck!


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