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So Will you are an actor, what was your journey into this field?

I’ve always had the instinct to perform and engage audiences. My earliest memory is wearing a James Bond tux (as a five year old) and exclaiming to my parents dinners guests “Shaken not stirred”. This instinct became my passion which then grew as I got older and led to starting a career.

What excited you about theatre?

There are many things. But from a performance/creative angle for me it’s quite simply a form of expression. You get to exercise your creative muscles within an ensemble process, it’s cathartic.

What has made you make the transition from actor to writer and producer?!!

I wouldn’t call myself a producer, but learning how to produce has helped me to develop platforms where I can further exercise my artistic craft. And writing/acting to me are so interconnected. As an actor you’re expected to breakdown/analyse texts, and particularly with new writing you’re an integral part of the writing process. So writing can most definitely help you as an actor and vice versa.

You started Flux theatre, what is your company ethos?

Flux are dedicated to bringing socially engaging theatre to new audiences. Through theatre, we aim to aspire change, thought provocation and compel people. Each project, an opportunity to learn and deepen our perspective. First and foremost Flux are a company that believes in the practice of collaboration and utilising the imaginations of all involved.


Dinosaur dreams your last play that you write and produced got some fantastic reviews, how did this idea come about?

It started out as a third year devising module, during my training. The original concept involved the same characters but had a different tone/narrative and was called ‘By Reason of Normality’. When Flux was formed it was decided that given the mental health and medical elements of the script we needed to ground the play with research.

Talking with mental health advocates and psychologists it became clear: to broaden the perspective of the audience, we had to broaden our own first. The more we learnt, the more important the project felt. Speaking and connecting with real people, actual experiences, made us feel like we had a responsibility to tell the story truthfully. 

Flux partnered up with a charity in the process, The Aurora Foundation, who supported the development of the play. After going on this journey it felt right to rewrite the entire play, infusing everything we’d learnt into the script. The new play became, ‘Dinosaur Dreams’.

As AD of Flux theatre, what is your biggest challenge to date?

I’d say keeping the ball rolling after completing a project. It’s very easy to sit back after a long but rewarding process. But figuring out your next move is crucial to the development of your company. I wanted to start a new project straight away and build on what we’d achieved with ‘Dinosaur Dreams’. However, picking the right project with a sense of urgency is always a risk. This is how our Emerge Event started.

What advise would you give to new companies/people setting up?

Using a project to formulate your team is a great starting point. It means you can delve straight in and get working on something. If you all believe in the project as well then you’ve got a team of people all working towards a common objective. There is nothing more efficient in a working process then a collective of people all working in unison. So understanding this and surrounding yourself with others who do and share the same commitment/ambition as you, will enhance the creative process.

Emerge is a new night championing new writing? Explain your night to readers

Emerge is quite simply a night of immediate response for work in progress. There will be four pieces of new writing, directed by four emerging directors and performed by a company of actors. The audience and our industry panel will then be invited to offer their feedback. There will also be an opportunity for the artists to ask questions/discuss ideas in the Actors Centre bar after the show.

What do you feel is an important asset for any actor today?

Before I would have said pro activeness but I now realise pro activeness is useless if what you’re doing is ineffective. So intelligence for me is vital. Being aware of what you’re doing and whether this is stunting or progressing your career is key. Just as being able to learn from your mistakes is.  Quality not quantity is something I strive to live by. For example, taking the time to word your emails appropriately is a small detail that can make you seem that much more professional.

flux-theatre     11 December, 15:00. Tickets £8 / £6 Concs.

Emerge is a new platform that gives four emerging writers, directors and a company of actors the opportunity to collaborate/showcase their work and gain feedback from an industry panel.

After all the pieces have been performed, there will be a short interval, followed by a feedback session. Artists will get the chance to ask questions and receive feedback from a panel of experienced producers and directors, with the opportunity for the artists to meet post-show to discuss their work further.

Emerge is curated by Flux Theatre in collaboration with Matthew Keeler (Producer of Tristan Bates Theatre and Producer/Curator St James RE:act). Flux is an emerging company dedicated to bringing socially engaging, new writing to theatre audiences. Flux Theatre was founded in 2015 by actor-writer Will Adolphy.

Flux aims for Emerge to become an event where artists can explore, play and collaborate within a professional capacity. We want Emerge to open doors for artists whilst creating opportunities for the work to be further developed.

To apply to participate follow @EmergeNight @flux_theatre for updates.



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