Word from Tom


I cant believe how each month the campaign just keeps going from strength to strength. Another incredible jam packed month full of meetings, projects and scratch nights. This month I met agents Marcus and McCrimmon who want the help of Actor Awareness to build a drama school which is accessible to people of all backgrounds. Also preperations for the Actor Awareness launch party are in full swing with the night filled with a range of acts. The official Actor Awareness launch party, is for us to finally burst our selves into the arts world and put this incredible campaign on the map. The phenomenal work Actor Awareness has been achieving will be showcased in this 1 night, with some of our top scratch night pieces, mixed in with singers, comedians, raffles and speeches explaining the campaign. Its a night not to be missed and a perfect opportunity to learn how to get involved with our work and network with industry professionals. The line up is as follows:

Hosted by Helen Scott

● The cast of Tolkien a new musical- Alexa Terry

● Monologues Of A Tired Nurse – Stephanie Perry and Emelia Marshall Lovsey

● Birth of a Nation- Dave House

● Alice Marshall – Comedian

● Interval where we announce the winner of the CCP competition and do the raffle where there is industry prizes to be won

● Love And All That Crap – Oliver Nip Retter

● Route – Marie Myrie

● Ionica Adriana- Singing

● Sketches by MD’S Comedy Review

● Netflix and Chill with Bae- by Tom Stocks

The for the raffle are looking incredible

● 2 tickets to News Review at The Canal Cafe Theatre

● A 3 hour 1 to 1 workshop with award winning director Adam Morley on either acting or directing

● 10 tickets to the Actor Awareness workshop “how to create a comedy character and sketch writing”

●  A bottle of champagne

● A £50 voucher on Alishia Love headshots

● A Signed programme from ShowBoat

● A 1 to 1 with award winning John byrne

● A Signed Autobiography from John Challis A.K.A Boycie from Only Fools and Horses

● A 12 month free Actors Centre membership

● Wine from Corney and Barrow

● A 50% discount voucher for a meal for 2 at Caminos Spanish tapas bar

● 10 tickets to a workshop by Cosme and Scott casting directors

● An Actor Awareness t- shirt

● 2 tickets to hit West End musical Guys and Dolls

● Signed programme from Guys and Dolls

●  To film an entire showreel from scratch by Artistan Showreels

36 prizes to be won! Please come on down and buy a ticket you don’t want to miss this. Buy tickets here they are selling quick http://www.theatren16.co.uk/#!actors-awareness/qku6z

Submissions for our Class Night are now closed we gave 4 incredible shows, which everyone involved are getting paid, the first ever scratch night to do so. The 4 shows are

Auf Achse(On the road)

BY Joe Staton & Patrick Renton


By Michelle Payne

Fresh With Promise

By Felicity Huxley-Miners


By Jayne Woodhouse

The 4 shows all explore the theme of social class which is such a topical subject considering the current economical and social climate.


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