Exit Theatre

Pot Luck logo PNG.pdfSteve Kim and Rob vers 2

The story Best mates Steve and Rob work for a family run marijuana operation and return to the grow house one evening to discover a rival competitor has stolen all the stock, leaving behind a disturbing calling card. When Steve’s mum and boss Lisa arrives, it soon becomes apparent that things are not what they first appear. However, things take a further unexpected turn when good intentions backfire and Lisa resorts to purchasing hydrophobic acid, hacksaws and an axe. One person is in for the chop. “Brilliantly witty, & clever… You’ll leave on a high …” – Lee Mueller, Founder of http://www.play-dead.com “David Trotter is Croydon’s answer to Joe Orton” – Lynn Picknett, Author of ‘The Templar Revelation’ More Info Pot Luck is the eighth play written and directed by Croydon Playwright and Director David Trotter, who Author and fan Lynn Picknett describes as ‘Croydon’s answer to Joe Orton’. Pot Luck will mark Exit Theatre’s 30th play since the theatre group was formed in 2001. The show is a highly charged, fast paced dark comedy, which will have audiences glued to their seats to the shocking end. Please note: Contains adult themes and strong language

A David Trotter play Performing at The Spread Eagle Theatre June 1st-4th. 8pm nightly, 39-41 Katharine Street, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1NX

Tickets only £10 Booking: http://www.exit-theatre.co.uk


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