The Hustle

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The Hustle now have launched their online community website!! After maintaining  a strong following on Facebook over the years The Hustle has become an invaluable tool to many performers and artists in the industry.

The community website is there to pool resources, for people to log on and inform others of workshops, events, photographers, anything and everything that artists need and require to get by. It is aimed at being a portal, hub and supportive aid. As individuals we are strong but coming together we are stronger, so join up to Hustle community and continue your journey within a community of supportive creatives.

I attended the launch party last night and heard about the fantastic site for the creators themselves (free wine courtesy of RSVP! can’t go wrong). They are passionate individuals aiming to provide people with a solid online community in our fast paced lives. Hustle thanked LuLulemon their sponsors for making this website possible.

Join at


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