Headshots by Greg Veit

March Headshot Offer

Top 10 tips for getting your headshots

  1. Before booking a session, learn about what headshots should look like. Look at the headshots on the websites of some major theatrical agents, examine the expressions on the actors’ faces but also the style of the photos.  
  2. If you’re a novice, consider booking two shorter sessions with cheaper photographers rather than one expensive one. You could benefit from getting some experience in front of the camera. 
  3. For your headshot session, make the effort to look like you would for an audition. Look like yourself – don’t risk last-minute experiments with your appearance. 
  4. Take time to prepare your clothes for the shoot (usually just tops as most headshots don’t go far below the collarbone). Your things should be neat and presentable. Most photographers will recommend things to wear, but typically headshots are done in black, white and one strong colour. Avoid busy patterns and designs that will draw attention away from your face in the headshot. 
  5. Think about what you need from your headshots – do you want to reflect your casting type or do you want a general headshot? Make sure to discuss these thoughts with your photographer.
  6. A good survival kit for headshot sessions might include: bottled water, a hairbrush or comb, powder to reduce reflections on your skin (avoid powder with a metallic shine) and basic lip moisturiser without gloss. 
  7. Outdoor sessions are very popular, but consider if the winter weather won’t end up distracting your from the session. 
  8. Headshot sessions can mean posing for photos at the rate of at least 100 an hour so you will need to stay focused. A good night’s sleep will not only help your concentration, it will help your skin and eyes to look better. Strong coffee might make you impatient and jittery. 
  9. Pre-plan your travel so you arrive for your session relaxed and unflustered. You will relax quicker into the session and get more photos that work. 
  10. Don’t be disheartened by initial results during your session. There’s nothing natural about looking down a lens and having a flash or reflector shine in your face. 

By Greg Goodale, www.gregveit.com


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