Bread and Roses Theatre Extravaganza

So cheap Theatre I hear you cry. Well I am here to save the day. Bread and Roses Theatre Clapham have a fantastic selection of theatre for the Month of February! Bread and Roses is a fantastic fringe venue that produces work by new writers, actual new writers, showcasing such a variety of work!! Smack bang in Clapham it is a hub of creativity.

Bread and Roses hold writers events for people to mingle and get feedback on scripts as well as other events such as Platform which is all about getting new, innovative, provocative theatre out there!!

1 BillionRising Festival

     festival bread and roses

This Month they bring you 1 Billion Rising Festival, Sunday 7th to Sunday 14th February with several events each day!! The festival is delivering a diverse line up of plays that covers the topic of violence and women. 1 in 3 women are raped on the planet during their lifetime, with a population of 7 billion, this adds up to more than 1 billion! This festival is a shout out to stop violence to women, come listen and spread the word! It’s time to open your minds and your hearts and see theatre that matters, theatre with a message, theatre that can make a difference. There is also talks, exhibitions and workshops.

Full lineup and details Tickets from Free to £15. 20% discount when booking for several events.

See Bob Run


Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th February at 7.30pm

Bob is on the road. Bob is on the run. But from what, or whom, is she running? Follow Bob as she hops from car to car telling her story to unsuspecting drivers as she tries to put her life in the rear view mirror. Will she make it to the destination? And what will she find when she gets there. A play by Daniel Maclvor and performed by Louise McMenemy.

Tickets: £9  Concession: £7.

Last Orders


Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th March at 7.30pm

Albert productions brings ‘Last Orders’ written and directed by Lucy laing. On the anniversary of his death, a decade after the event that stole their last christmas together , 3 friends meet to commemorate the life of the one they lost. Last Orders explores the loyalty of childhood friendships and how we all grow-up to be something we weren’t.

Tickets: £12  Concession £10.


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