Match not Found


Web shows are becoming increasingly popular as they are something that we can view easily and, as actors, it’s another medium to which we can immerse ourselves. Web shows can also be produced at a lower cost than a short film or a play.

I met Connor Mills at a workshop where he kindly ran my lines with me and vice versa. He massively impressed me with his reading; I nabbed his card and asked him to give me the low down on his recent web series and life as an actor.

What is Match Not Found? Give us the down low…

Match not Found follows the ups, downs and dilemma’s faced by Kat who is recently single. She has two best friend’s named Doug & Janna who she calls on a regular basis over Skype, initially to help her get over her lost love “Johnny”, but then it turns into sort of group therapy situation. Doug is a bit of a geek who has been good friends with Kat for a long time( there may or may not be some love interest between the two as the show goes on!) as has Janna but both Doug and Janna are polar opposites and between them they manage to give some great advice but also some bloody terrible advice! Also, bear in mind that when some of the stories may seem a bit weird – they are all based on actual real life stories – seriously! All of them!

What drew you to your character? Tell us a bit about him…

Doug was a character that when I read I had an image of him in my head, the writing by Alex Oates & Katie Sheridan was great and you really got a strong sense of character straight off the page so it was lovely to be given the opportunity to  bring him off the page. Also he’s quite a break from my usual casting so that was also a big draw.

Top acting tips for working actors out there…

If they’re working I need tips from them! Haha! I’m still in the mix so don’t feel I’m in a position to offer advice without sounding patronising. It’s a long game, a Marathon not a sprint. Choose projects you feel passionate about.

How do you keep focused as an actor? 

Not sure really, it’s the thing I love most in the world, from the moment I wake up I’m thinking of new shows, films scripts, plays, all day, there is literally not a moment in the day up until when I’m lying in bed that I don’t think about characters or character traits or scenes or ways to play a certain script or poem!

What do you struggle as most as an actor?

Playing characters close to me, I’d much rather play a character in different accent, different physicality etc but when you get out of drama school you realise that people will only cast you on your natural accent and look to begin with.

What challenges do you face in the Industry ?

Patience and not becoming bitter.

Who’s your favourite actor and why ?

Christopher Walken or Gary Oldman. Walken does things with a character you couldn’t think of and I think that’s important as an actor, to make bold choices outside of the box. Try it! find a Walken film you haven’t seen, find the script online, read it, then watch his performance after!

What inspires you ?

I remember sitting down as a kid and listening to my dad and his mates telling their stories to each other, animated, you were glued, aspirational, they created a world for you and you were there with them in the story! I want to be able to make people feel how I felt when I was listening to those stories.


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