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As actors, we all strive to become better through training that advances our skills whilst simultaneously giving us access to new ones. We will do the utmost to flex our artistic muscles and learn new things in a creative environment.

Training in acting can be very expensive and time consuming. Any aspiring actors, or even working actors, reading this are aware that you need courses, workshops and training that can fit around work/commitments and are also cost effective.

This section will bring you information on courses, workshops, training…pretty much anything we can find that will be within your reach to attend and afford.

Meisner Courses

I attended a Meisner course back in August run by Alex Vendittelli at The Cockpit Theatre (a fantastic fringe theatre that does events from as little as £1).

He is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and amenable person that engaged us all whilst giving us a good basic knowledge of the Meisner approach. At £100 for 5 weeks, this is a way cheaper alternative than most Meisner courses out there. Meisner is not for everyone – I personally find it to be an amazing approach. It’s such an expressive technique that really helps actors to connect and act on impulse; very organic things grow from Meisner.

Alex is offering readers a chance to attend the drop in sessions for FREE which normally cost £12! In the drop in sessions you don’t participate, but you watch other actors rep; it is a great thing to watch and see the technique in action from an outsiders perspective.

If you fancy a go, pop down for a session. The classes are run weekends and evenings, this link will give you more information:

Another great Meisner drop in class is the salon:collective’s classes in the technique. They are headed up by Dominic Kelly, who is the artistic director of the salon:collective and has taught the technique for over eight years.

“Meisner Technique emphasizes “moment-to-moment” spontaneity with your acting partner. The goal is to generate behaviour that is emotionally and impulsively truthful within imagined circumstances.”

Drop-in classes:

Completing the introduction course (In order to join the drop-in sessions, beginners must complete the Introduction course first) gives you membership to Dominic’s classes and allows you to practice and develop your Meisner skills in these sessions. We also encourage you to bring scene work, monologues, audition prep and other resources to continue your growth as actors. Before booking please note, the drop-ins are designed as a resource for actors to develop the skills learnt as part of the full Meisner Training, as such you will only be able to work on elements of the Technique you have been trained in as part of the Meisner Technique Stages.

Drop-ins are a great opportunity to be part of the salon:collective’s thriving community of actors and artists.

“Acting is fun. Don’t let that get around.” – Sanford Meisner


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