Arts Funding


Everyone appreciates art, whether it be: theatre, film, television, exhibitions, music, poetry, graphics, digital media or other arts. Regardless, it engages and inspires us as people. The arts can be a force of stimulation for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

“Arts washes away from the soul, everyday life…”

Equity have compiled 10 points on how the arts are important for social, economical and psychological growth.

The government keeps making cuts and taking away investment, please go onto Equity’s website and sign the petition for Save the BBC.

Go to Equity’s link here for Stop Arts cuts, 10 facts:
Arts cuts mean there are more set backs and barriers to getting work. There are so many incredible stories and ideas out there, stories of the working class that are not being told. On top of this, working class actors are unable to get work and represent. Actors such as Ian McKellen, Judi Dench and Julie Walters have all voiced their concerns that the industry is becoming very ‘middle class’ without a wide spectrum of different backgrounds; stifling the arts and not reflecting a true society. Arts should emulate societal issues, which is becoming increasingly difficult with grants being taken away, maintenance loans being reduced and insufficient funding for people, that come from underprivileged backgrounds, to get through drama school .
Many of you may have gone to a school where drama involved preventing the boy with ADHD from lighting your hair on fire and waiting for the teacher to finish smoking a fag. Before I pursued acting I was a nurse in a private school and was amazed by the level of opportunity that was made available for them due to their upbringing; the class divide was really quite glaring. Kids played several instruments, had singing lessons and  performed plays in a massive theatre; even taking some to the Edinburgh fringe.

The quality and quantity of resources made available to these students was something I had never realised even existed.

Here at Actor Awareness we what to highlight this unfair discrepancy of disadvantage and make plans to restore the imbalance.

Monthly meetings are being held for anyone who wishes to attend. We’re particularly looking for anyone with community or regional ideas. We would love to hear from both companies and individuals.
There will be regular scratch nights for new writing, which provides a platform for actors to work with fresh writers and budding directors.
There are also secret film nights for people wanting to present their films. Films made using your smartphone, DSLR camera,  or any device you can get your hands on.
Hopefully a writers event will be set up for people to collectively get together and give/receive advise and tips on their material.
Myself and Charlie will be working continuously to source out theatre companies and individuals that show interest in community and regional projects.

If you are a theatre company looking to collaborate please feel free to email



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