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Hello beautiful readers, thanks for stopping by, this is the official newsletter of Actor Awareness.



Word from Tom

Hey guys, I’m so glad that Steff and Charlie have agreed to be my Editors in chief and putting together this Newsletter. This is the perfect opportunity for you to promote yourselves and learn about affordable workshops to further your careers and some exclusive Actor Awareness discounts for performances and headshots etc. Now this column is my chance to give you a monthly summary of what me and Actor Awareness have been up to.

As most of you know it has been a huge month for the campaign starting with the ITV News interview. I am so grateful for Andrew Ellis to coming on the show with me. It wasn’t the longest segment, however we managed to say what was needed and this campaign in to the public eye. After the interview the aftermath was just overwhelming, with the video reaching nearly 10.000 views and of course the incredible feedback messages the campaign received so thank you all so much. This really set the tone for the month opening a number of doors and meeting such as Equity, The Arts Council and The Stage.

Also  The big news was obviously that fantastic donation of £1000, which is a huge help. This money can now obviously go in to setting up various projects we have planned, the first being the Scratch Nights. These will at first take place in The Canal Theatre. So Every 6 weeks we plan to put on regular scratch nights where 6 short 15 min plays are put on but for new diverse writing, actors, directors etc. to get involved and finally create work. So every 6 weeks we would change the plays/ writers at the scratch night along with the actors and crew to get a good turnover of diverse professionals in the industry. Every scratch night will have a theme such as disability, class race, sexuality, etc.. this is giving a plethora of experience, diverse story telling and that opportunity to learn your craft and feedback on various ideas, with a chance to showcase ourselves. Deadline is 7th November. 15 minutes, under the theme of working class? What is working class? Interpretation of the theme is down to you and an interesting subject to explore, under the current media light. I am working with Adam Morley to put this project on if it goes well the opportunity to obviously put on more and keep giving you guys that platform.

Future Projects and what the money will be used for will be discussed at the next Actor Awareness meeting on the 7th of November at 12;30 in The Phoenix Artist Club. I hope to see you all there and join in our Actor Awareness community and have your say! See you guys there.




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